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Damsel Review (Ps4)

Damsel is a 2D platformer inspired by classic arcade games. Run, dash, and shoot as you fight to stop an underground organization of vampires that are illegally selling human blood. Graphics The comics at the beginning of each mission looked fantastic…

Valorant Act III

What to Expect in Valorant Act III

Valorant Act III, the latest season in this 5v5 tactical shooter, was released today, October 13th! Check out here what you can expect from this season. New Map: Icebox The newest map, Icebox, is live for Unrated, Spike Rush, and Deathmatch…

As Far as the Eye Review

As Far as the Eye Review

As Far as the Eye is a rogue-like game that is as engaging as it is beautiful. I found myself playing this game for hours, trying to find the best strategy to lead the adorable nomads to safety. Although frustrating at…


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