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Valorant Act III, the latest season in this 5v5 tactical shooter, was released today, October 13th! Check out here what you can expect from this season. Valorant Act III

New Map: Icebox

The newest map, Icebox, is live for Unrated, Spike Rush, and Deathmatch modes as a beta. However, Icebox will be available in competitive mode starting October 27th. Check out the map reveal here! Valorant Act III

New Weapon Skins: Serenity, Surge, and Ruin

The newest weapon skins are obtainable through various tiers of the Battle Pass. Additionally, Surge’s skins also include three color variants: yellow, grey, and blue.   Valorant Act III

New Agent: Skye

Skye has an Australian accent, and she can control various animals through her abilities. Therefore, in my opinion, Skye is like the ‘redheaded stepchild’ of Steve Irwin. She will be playable starting October 27th.


  • Regrowth- Allies are healed within a radius.
  • Trailblazer- This ability allows you to use a Tasmanian Tiger to find enemies and concuss them. Enemies can stop the tiger by shooting at it.
  • Guiding Light- You can control a hawk to blind enemies with a bright light.
  • Seekers- You can summon seekers to make up to three enemies see only within a limited radius.
To see Skye’s abilities in action, check out this video from Valorant’s YouTube channel!



  • Server preference selection is implemented.
  • The rank disparity for parties has changed to a max of 3 tiers instead of 6.
  • They have tightened competitive matchmaking.
  • Immortal+ rankings will be determined by winning and/or losing matches. It doesn’t include individual performance.

Death Match

  • Player count increased from 10 to 14.
  • XP Gain is 900XP instead of 500XP for Death Matches.
  • Every kill grants the player an automatic reload to their active weapon.
    • Ares and Odin will receive 30 bullets instead.
  • Match length increased from 6 minutes to 9 minutes and first to 40 kills instead of 30.
  • Location pulse is now limited to when you respawn instead of periodically pulsing.
To see the rest of the updates, check out the 1.10 patch notes here. Valorant Act III Have you tried Valorant Act III yet? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below! Also, have you seen the new Spider-Man: Miles Morales trailer? Check out our article on it here!

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