Kanye West Finally Appears On Joe Rogan Experience

This past weekend Joe Rogan finally sat down with Kanye West. For some time now Kanye has been trying to get on the show. It has finally happened.

Kanye West has defiantly been a controversial figure in the last few years. The perfect place for him to explain his actions seemed like the Joe Rogan podcast. It just took a little longer than most of us wanted. During the podcast, plenty of things are discussed. Form running for President to Star Wars. Below is just one of the many different topics that were discussed. If you do listen to the whole thing, prepared to get lost in someone else’s thoughts.

The rambling does go on for a little while.


One of the reasons that the podcast has become so popular is that we get to hear people and their perspectives without a ton of criticism. Kanye West came on the show and was given a place to tell people how he felt without the normal social media judgment. The whole podcast you can find it exclusively on Spotify. Youtube still has specific clips of each show. Past shows included Mike Tyson, Matthew McConaughey, and Brian Muraresku.

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