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Ubisoft has just offered an upgrade for Far Cry 5 and with it being free, it was similar to the upgrade we were given with Far Cry 6 moving to new consoles. They even teased content was coming as part of the fifth anniversary celebrations over the next three weeks. Ubisoft stated that “over the next three weeks, celebrate the 5th Anniversary with us. Stay tuned for what’s to come, including a highly requested feature for next-gen consoles”. That news was followed by an announcement of an upgrade stating we can “experience Far Cry 5 in native 60 FPS – available for PS5 & Xbox Series consoles … NOW!”. As to what else we will get we don’t know as yet.

With the update in mind, I decided to revisit Hope County and see how the game faired with the new update. I started a new game and dove back in to see what the performance is like and if anything else changed yet even though I know there is more to come in the coming weeks. I already own and have completed the Xbox version of the game, so I downloaded the PlayStation version which was available to me on PlayStation Plus. Let’s take a look back at how the game looked back in 2018.

Far Cry 5 Five Years On – How It Performs

From what I saw while playing it’s still a visually impressive game but Ubisoft has never really had an issue with making pretty games. However, the update was focused on the frame rate more than anything I want to know does the boost to 60 FPS enhance the game’s quality? When I played through the game back at launch it was originally on the Xbox One X and It’s a version that was originally praised by Digital Foundry. Though now with time and tech upgrades, it’s doable and easier to get that higher resolution within the 60 FPS target. Here is some capture taken from PlayStation 5 version I recently played through.

As we can see the game plays really well and still looks amazing. Back then things felt smooth when playing the game and exploring Hope County was not an uncomfortable experience. With that increase in the frame rate, it just makes the gameplay more polished, and getting around somehow feels more natural and obviously smoother. It still plays as well as its successor Far Cry 6 and that’s a good thing. Gunplay is improved with that 60 FPS and movement feels sharper. The only thing I can really ask for especially with the gunplay is it would be nice for the game to take advantage of the DualSense controller.

With Far Cry 5 we have a game that felt really good to play in 2018. Some people feel this is a better game than Far Cry 6 when I looked at Twitter. What this update has done has taken a solid game and given it a needed fine-tuning. If you’re able to grab a copy and you are a fan of the franchise, it’s really worth a play and the season pass gave some interesting DLC as well. Hours of Darkness put you into Vietnam and Lost on Mars is a crazy experience…on Mars. We also have zombies to deal with in Dead Living Zombies. Overall the free next-gen upgrade is well worth checking out whether you are returning or this is your first time. Let us know your thoughts on Far Cry 5 and stay tuned for more from Lv1 Gaming.

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