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How Xbox Can Salvage 2022 After Starfield Delay

The Xbox’s first-party game lineup was already sparse. With Starfield and Redfall being the two games slated to arrive this year, the fact that they were both postponed at the same time was a huge disappointment for myself and most Xbox enthusiasts. But, to be clear, these delays are only a negative because these are the only known Xbox first-party releases for the rest of the year. I am completely in favor of delaying games so that gamers do not have to deal with incomplete, broken $70 games. With that in mind, and the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase just around the corner, how can Xbox save 2022?

Cogs In A Machine Ep. 30

Strategy Guides | Cogs In A Machine Ep.30

Welcome Cogs In A Machine Ep.30! Here @Chacalaca88 and TheFloorHugger deep dive into the games industry. From interesting information and funny stories, they explore it all. In this episode of Cogs In A Machine, we look at Strategy Guides. The best,…


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