Xbox Exec Confirms Xbox Event Not Pushed To August

There was a bit of a stir today as some believed the rumored Xbox June event has been moved to August. This rumor started when Jeff Grubb, who compiled a ‘Summer Games Mess’ list featuring all of the upcoming digital gaming events.

According to Jeff and others, Microsoft was set to have an event in June which most believed would be a show dedicated to hardware and possible reveal of the highly rumored Xbox Lockhart. However according to Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg this is not the case. In a tweet he stated;

We have not pushed anything back, our plan remains to have our next digital show in July and teams are working hard on that.


This tweet reads to me that there was never an actual June event only a news release. It seems that Microsoft only planned to have actual events in July and beyond. We will see how things actually turn out but it’s definitely and interesting time.

David Whitaker

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