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It’s not an overreaction to say that the Xbox Series X is impossible to find at the moment. Within seconds of release, online retailers were sold out of the newest Microsoft console. If you were unable to pre-order the console your chances were slim to buy them in stores. Where are closely monitoring retailers to help you find out which stores have them in stock. Be sure to refresh this page here to keep up to date with the latest news on where you can spend the $500 to buy Xbox Series X. Continue to check the retailers below as much as possible as no one at the moment knows exactly when they will be in stock again. In addition, we have a list available for the exclusive Xbox Series S as well. Xbox Series X Xbox Series S   Let us know if you were able to buy Xbox Series X or Series S in the comments below! <—Random Article | Random Article—> Leave some suggestions on what we can do better or change. Are you interested in writing, editing or just being a part of Lv1 Gaming? CONTACT US HERE! Be Superhero and Like, Share and subscribe to the YouTube channel. Go Tomb Raiding and give us a follow on Twitch as well! Would you kindly follow us on Twitter at @Lv1Gaming Also follow our Facebook page!

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