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Just this year, Netflix revealed a slew of new characters joining The Witcher family, but unfortunately, a recast seems imminent. Production resumed recently, after needing a small break due to the coronavirus outbreak affecting the world. Anticipation mounted thanks to rumors of large battles and confirmation of the new cast, who will join the show next season. The additions will introduce key book characters like Francesca Findabair, a powerful elven sorceress played by Mecia Simson. We also learned, The School of the Wolf would come into play this season, giving fans ample reason for excitement. We now know that the trio of Vesemir, Eskel, and Lambert will play key roles in the upcoming season as well. But, after a recent post by Thue Rasmussen, the fate of his character might be up in the air.   The actor posted a message to fans stating, that due to schedule confections brought about by the virus, he will no longer play the character of Eskel. Opening the door for yet another case of The Witcher making a recast.

Goodbye Eskel?

The Witcher Recast As we already know, a rumored battle taking place within Kaer Morhen, alongside multiple witchers, seems to have concluded filming. The School of the Wolf are all present for the battle, Eskel included. And its believed to take place in the second episode of the season. All we can really hope for is that this decision was known about far in advance. Giving the production team time to react and replace actors without needing to come to a halt. No information as to who Eskel’s new actor might be, but fingers crossed the recast transition will be a smooth one!  

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