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   Spring of 2021, My Hero Academia returns. Toho Animation gave us a teaser trailer for the upcoming season earlier today. The teaser trailer shows that season 5 will kick off with Class 1A vs. Class 1B in a joint training exercise or Joint Training Arc.

My Hero Academia Season 5, What To Expect.

  For those who haven’t read the manga, this arc is chapters 194-217, and in my opinion, it’s worth the read before the season starts in the spring. As we saw at the end of season 4, Deku has a dream about the former users of All For One. Well, he tells All Might about the vision and All Might kind of gives him some advice. All of the Class 1A heroes get to shine, but the battle is a good back and forth between 1A and 1B. Hitoshi Shinso is a new character that moves up from class C, and his quirk is cool. All right, not to spoil too much, but…DEKU UNLOCKS ANOTHER QUIRK FROM ALL FOR ONE! This arc is a great way to start season 5.


  Check out the trailer below, and if you want to read the manga, check out Shonen Jump or Viz Media. If you have read the joint training arc and you know what’s about to happen, how excited are you for this season? Season 5 will be spectacular. Also, head over to Funimation and check out the two OVA.   <———————

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