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The best time of the week for me is Wednesday. That’s because it’s new comic book day. The only time that is better than the new comic book day is the day a fresh pair of shoes come out. What if you could mix those two days and get a comic book-inspired sneaker? Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to give you my favorite sneakers inspired by comic books.

  1. Adidas Top Ten Iron Man.

Around 2015, Marvel and Adidas teamed up to bring us a series of popular Adidas Basketball shoes inspired by the Avengers. Adidas Top Ten 2000 “Iron Man” colorway was my favorite. The patent leather red with gold accent really looks beautiful on this shoe. That translucent sole added more style. This is a home run for me because it’s a classic shoe with a classic iconic character.

  1. Anta KT3 Black Panther.

Ok, now this one is going outside the bigger brands with the Anta KT3 “Black Panther” shoe. Anta is a brand based in China, and the KT line of shoes belongs to none other than Klay Thompson. I love these shoes both the high top and low top versions. The details are wonderful because they added small things like the scratches on the back, the lines on the heels of the sneakers, and the sole. Klay Thompson once had 60+ points on 11 dribbles, so maybe he ate a heart-shaped herb. Anta has a great marvel selection and is worth checking out.

3. Batman 1989 X Kswiss.

We can all agree that Michael Keaton is the best Batman of all time, right? Well, maybe Kswiss thought so, or maybe they wanted to honor that movie because they took the Kswiss classic and turned it into this sneaker. Black Leather, gold eyelets, instead of the Kwiss shield the Batman emblem on the tongue. Also, if you look at how the Kswiss Classic looks compared to this shoe, you’ll see how they changed it around to give it that Batsuit feel. Those are the details I enjoy

4. Converse DC Comics Collection

Converse and DC Comics did an entire collection centered on the Chuck Taylor All-Star shoe. The DC Comics Trinity of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are on these shoes, and came they come in a variety of colors. Adult sizes and kids sizes were available in this style.

  1. Reebok X Superman.

Shaq has to be a fan of Superman fan. It’s one of his many nicknames and he has The House of EL or Superman S-shield tattooed on his arm. If you remember his play during the Laker’s three-peat you would have thought he was Superman He even starred as John “Henry” Iron in the movie STEEL who is a popular character in the Superman mythos. Reebok paired up Shaq’s Reebok pump sneaker with The Man of Steel to give us this outstanding shoe. The blue, yellow, and red colors are on this shoe and on the tongue instead of the words “Pump” we see the Superman Shield.

I hope you enjoy reading about my favorite Sneakers Inspired by Comic Books. Nothing’s better than sneakers and comics coming together to produce these gems. Most of these are on various sneaker websites because they came out a few years ago or they had a limited release. Which of these would purchase if you had the chance? Hit me up on Twitter so let’s talk about it @HeiskellBrandyn.

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