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The society of My Hero Academia is hero focused to the point where it has in many ways become detrimental. Hero society is flawed, we see it over and over again within the series. Social issues such as what kind of quirk you are born with determine your worth within the world as well as civil unrest plague many. In this article, I will go over the many issues that are within the flawed superhero society. This is MHA: A Faulty Hero Society, be warned there are spoilers!

Quirks equates worth

Throughout the series, we see many occasions where a person is valued or not based on their quirk. Something that they are born with and have no control over, in most cases this mindset affects many people on a psychological level leading many to a life of crime. This is a societal mindset that causes more villains that wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t present. An example of this is Hitoshi Shinsou a student of UA.

Hitoshi has a mind control quirk, throughout his life he has been told that he would make a great villain, while many others were cautious of him. It’s a good thing that Hitoshi wants to be a hero because this outlook the people have on him causes resentment. It’s a major flaw where one’s quirk to those around them puts them within a certain slot in life. In Hitoshi’s case, it’s that of a possible villain while others are praised for having destructive power like Bakugou. This mindset creates villains and hinders society as a whole.

Stain has a point

While I do not agree with his methods Stain did have a point. Some too many people are heroes for very surface-level reasons such as fame, money, and a higher position in life. This creates an issue where the people that are supposed to protect the average civilian just might not do it. Or they get too high of a position to where they can get away with crimes. An example of this is the NO.2 Hero Endeavor.

Through Todoroki we son of Endeavor, we learn that he paid his wife to marry him for her quirk to make a child with a more powerful one. He uses his position to cover up the abuse of his family and the death of his son. This is just one example of corruption within the government. Aka Todoroki daddy issues.

Too relient on on the No.1

Japan relies far too much on All Might to uphold the peace. The problem with this is that it is impossible to have a singular pillar to uphold society. For instance, what would happen if they were to be injured or even die? Well, we see what happens.

After battle All for one, All Might has no strength left to be a pro hero. We see throughout the series that after this point criminal activity rises. The villains feel that since the best is out of the way they can be bolder and bolder until it reaches a boiling point. However, I will not go into that because of spoilers but it affects the whole world.

Parting words

I do enjoy MHA, the series is so good with action and writing. It was really fun to cover this aspect of the series. To read MHA go to Viz and for more of my work go to Caleb J at lv1 Gaming. Thank you for reading and until next time.

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