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Black Clover

Top 5 Magic Types In Black Clover

Magic is everything in the world of Black Clover and there are many types of magic within this world. A lot of the magic is just insanely powerful and so fun to watch. From magic that is darkness itself to controlling…

demon slayer

Top 3 Breathing Styles In Demon Slayer

Within the world of Demon Slayer there are techniques that help with fighting the horrifying demons. And these are the breathing styles. With these styles, the users are able to increase their physical abilities. From water breathing to insect breathing these…


The Top 3 Best Jutsu In Naruto

In the world of Naruto, there are ninjas who use magic-like abilities called Jutsu. These Jutsu vary greatly from each other and while some are great there are only a few that are the best. From eyes that spew out the…


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