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Irene and Seulgi’s Mini-Album Monster Announced! It seems like SM Entertainment is finally ready for the world to know more about the Red Velvet sub-unit. On May 27 at midnight KST (Korean Standard Time), Red Velvet’s social accounts updated the world on the status of the highly anticipated debut of Irene (Bae Joo-Hyun) and Seulgi’s (Kang Seul-gi) duo group. On both Instagram and twitter, we were treated to the same image of the logo the girls will be using a simple yet stylish combination of the first letter of their names.  The two are working on their duo unit while the rest of the group is tied up with other things or in Wendy’s case getting back to full strength after the accident that left her in the hospital for a time.
In the announcement, we got the title for the mini-album Irene, and Seulgi will be making “Monster”. It is unknown the number of tracks, sound, or theme the girls are going for but judging by most reactions fans are just happy for more music. Before the debuted of Red Velvet, Seulgi and Irene performed in a unit called SR14G, which was short for “SM Rookies 2014 Girls.” This will be the first time in six years that the two will perform as a duo. Recently Yeri did an interview about her songwriting process and recording solo music, while Joy released a collaboration with Crush. While Red Velvet as a whole may not be making music the fearless leader Irene and Main Dancer Suelgi are more than happy to fill the gap with Monster. Stay tuned for more updates! Will you be getting Irene and Seulgi’s Monster? Do you like Red Velvet? What are your thoughts on the duo? Do you like k-pop in general? Let me know in the comments section and Subscribe to the Youtube Channel! <—Previous Article

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