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There are a few film licenses that are out or coming soon that in my humble opinion would work relatively well in being adapted for video games. We have had a survival based Terminator game in addition to Terminator Resistance. Developer Teyon who were involved with that game are also bringing us Robocop: Rogue City in the future. We are rumored to have a few games in the Alien universe coming soon adding to the already out games like Alien: Isolation. Even the Predator franchise is getting a new game. Speaking of ’80s franchises one really stands out for missing a game entry for the last two decades even though multiple movies have come out since. Die Hard really deserves another shot in the gaming space in the 2020s other than a mobile game a decade ago it’s nearly been twenty-one years since Vendetta launched.

Die Hard Vendetta launched on Game Cube in 2002 before receiving ports for PlayStation 2 and Xbox a year later. The plot was set five years after the events of the third film which was set in Los Angeles. McClane has since retired and his daughter Lucy has recently joined the LAPD. The plot centers around her being kidnapped by Piet Gruber. He is the son of Hans Gruber who met his fate when he fell off the Nakatomi Plaza in the first film. He’s also the nephew of Simon Gruber who tangled with John five years ago in Die Hard with a Vengeance.

Should Die Hard Come Back To PC And Console

While it may not be as popular as it once was Die Hard is still a franchise that holds a special place in people’s hearts. Here in the UK either the first or second movies get a TV rerun a few times a year. Gamers recently also saw them use a John McClane skin in the rebooted Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Should we get a chance to say yippee ki-yay one more time? Would a new game be best suited or a full remake of say Vendetta? If I could choose, I’d pick a Vendetta remake. Regardless of what your choice is, surely it’s time for John McClane to return?

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