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While browsing on YouTube, I stumbled upon a random video about a horror game that easily qualifies for our “under the radar” survival horror list. What’s unique about this game is that it involves cars. For those horror fans out there, do you remember the Stephen King short story from the compilation Night Shift called “Trucks”? In the story, the narrator and some strangers were trapped in a truck stop diner, as machines, particularly trucks, suddenly took on a mind of their own. They ended up being trapped inside by a group of trucks, and attempting to escape would result in a gruesome run-down. You may be more familiar with the film adaptation of this story, called “Maximum Overdrive”. It now seems that this story has inspired a game called “Decimate Drive”, which can be downloaded for free.

The game’s official website states the game “is a short game inspired by 80s car-themed horror movies”. Another example is also based on a Stephen King novel, Christine. So the plot of the game is simple. It’s set on “dreary desolate streets covered in snow. Murderous machines which stop at nothing to kill you. Will you find the way out?”

Decimate Drive – A Unique Idea. Could We Take It Further

We’ve seen out now on Steam and coming to console a game about a killer spider train. So if you’ve missed the news on this that is Choo Choo Charles, however, it made me wonder. So could this idea be fleshed out further? To bring the story given by Stephen King in Trucks to gamers. It would fit a survival or survival horror game as that is the story’s premise.

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