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We’ve often highlighted survival horror games, including well-known titles such as the remakes of Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil 4. We’ve also seen news of upcoming games such as Greyhill Incident featuring an alien invasion, as well as Bloober Team’s remake of Layers of Fear and new installments in the Amnesiac and Outlast series.

However, I wanted to approach this topic from a fresh perspective by introducing lesser-known survival horror titles that you may not be familiar with. These games are currently scheduled for release this year, and I’m excited to share them with you.

The Survival Horror Picks For You To Look Into


Black Salt Games has developed a unique game called Dredge which is set to be released on 30th March for PC and all consoles. According to Steam, the game allows you to captain your fishing trawler to explore remote isles and their surrounding depths to discover what lies beneath. You can sell your catch to locals, complete quests, and learn more about each area’s troubled past. The game also offers an option to equip your boat with better equipment to trawl deep-sea trenches and navigate to far-off lands, but be careful as you navigate the dark waters as there may be something unseen lurking around. Team 17 will be publishing the game.

Autopsy Simulator

Team 17 and Woodland Games have collaborated to create a unique title, which is set to be released in November for PC. The game is classified as a hybrid, blending autopsy simulation and first-person horror elements. Players take on the role of a middle-aged pathologist who must analyze case files and unravel a terrifying story. Autopsy Simulator offers a unique and immersive horror experience that is not to be missed.


Routine was announced before last-gen hardware even launched, so it has been highly anticipated for quite some time. Set on an abandoned space station, this first-person survival horror game is set to launch on Xbox and PC. Additionally, as shown in the trailer, the game will be available on Game Pass.


We wrote about the game Paranoid just over two years ago. In the game, you play as a man who is struggling to cope with the progression of his mental illness, while also dealing with the devastating loss of his entire family.

Also, there are many more titles that could be added to this list, including games like Ill and Stray Souls. Other noteworthy mentions include Mirror Forge, Dark Moonlight, and Ebola 3. With a diverse range of options available, the survival horror genre continues to be a prominent force in the gaming industry.

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