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It has been almost a year since LV1 Gaming last covered Choo Choo Charles. It’s a one-of-a-kind horror game revolving around trains and evil trains. Developed by indie developer Gavin Eisenbeisz under the name Two Star games. His well-received YouTube video showcasing an insane horror game grabbed the attention of many.

Choo Choo Charles is a survival horror game with an open world. The villain is what distinguishes this game. We have a murderous train with spider legs on the prowl for you. This means that no matter where you are or where your train is headed, Choo Choo Charles will find you. Fortunately, you have some willing helpers and a fairly well-fortified train to protect yourself against Charles’ danger. The most recent trailer can be found below.

Choo Choo Charles And When We Can See It

As we can see from the trailer above we have a release date. That is for PC via Steam which you can wishlist now. So this evil train game will crawl onto PC later this year. As of right now, the date is scheduled for 9th December, and Gavin expressed confidence in this date in a post on Steam.

I’ve been working relentlessly on Choo-Choo Charles over the past year, and it’s finally in a position where I can safely say that the game will be released on December 9th this year!

There have been many dates I’ve aimed for internally throughout the year that didn’t work out for various reasons, but at this point the game is well into its beta phase, and is nearly completed.

However, we have more good news. For those who only have a console wanting to play this, we have some news. This question was asked on Twitter and it seems a console launch as it stands is next year.

We don’t know a price point but it will be supported on the Steam Deck.

Even if will it be available on Switch has been asked and the response was hopeful.

So what do you think about this news? Are you ready to meet Charles? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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