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Long before he gave us the recently released Callisto Protocol, Glen Schofield came up with another horror. That being the 2008 project for EA by Visceral, entitled Dead Space. This launched the character of Isaac Clarke upon gamers worldwide, and we had two main sequels and some spin-off games. There are also a couple of films, with another possibly on the way. Now EA Motive has the Dead Space remake on the cards. I recently decided to revisit the classic from 2008 to see how it holds up today.

For the Dead Space remake, the scheduled release date was penciled in for January 27, 2023. This puts it a few weeks after the release of Glen Scofield’s The Callisto Protocol. We didn’t quite get a face-off between the remake and the original creator. EA Motive has updated fans throughout the development process, with the most recent news posted on Twitter just recently.

The Latest On The Dead Space Remake

We know from the latest announcement that the game has finally gone gold. For those unaware, this means the game’s code is now complete and playable. As it’s in a state suitable for purchase by the public, it can be printed on physical media and submitted to storefronts. So this also means that the game should meet its target release date of 27th January. That’s about six weeks away, so it gives the developer a chance to fine-tune any other aspects, which is not uncommon as most games have a day-one patch. The official website also has some image comparisons from the remake to the original. Is this a remake you’re looking forward to? Is this your first encounter with the franchise and your introduction to the world of Isaac Clarke? As always, we’d love to hear from you.

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