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Prepare your best team! Codename: Terranova is available on Steam in Early Access. Agents and Operators must be ready to face the tests that await them on the Terranova hovering train!

What is Codename: Terranova?

Codename: Terranova is a two-player co-op communication game: The first player (the Agent) has to solve the puzzles and get out of the tough situations they will find on the train. The second player (the Operator) has to guide the Agent to solve those puzzles, warn them of dangers and guide them in executing procedures. In addition to interacting with the Terranova Operating Central System (, a multi-platform connected app that can be used free of charge, to involve the second player as an integral part of this new experience. And this is just the beginning! While we give all the teams the chance to challenge each other to become the best in the world, after launch, we plan on updating the game adding new levels, new challenges and new elements. ACGames will give details on this topic in the coming weeks. Furthermore, new challenges will be free for all owners of the game. Meanwhile, players can send us any questions and feedback on the linked social channels below. Codename: Terranova ACGames is also launching the official Discord channel so players can team up, organize and talk about the game. Feedback is welcome and will be collected to improve the Codename: Terranova! Feedback is essential for establishing upcoming milestones and releases. Codename: Terranova is on sale at Steam for at 19.90€/17,99£/23,99$ pick up your copy today!

Where to Contact ACGames

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