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Netflix has given us some tremendous animated Netflix originals like Voltron and Castlevania. On October 27th, Blood of Zeus looks to add its name to that list. Here’s the trailer:

 Blood of Zeus looks like it will start from the end of the battle between the Gods and Titans. After Chronos is defeated, his blood flows into the ocean and creates the Giants. Blood of Zeus will follow Heron, one of Zeus’s many children, as he, along with others, journey to retrieve an item that can stop The Giants. From the trailer, Blood of Zeus will include other Olympian Gods such as Hera, Poseidon, Hermès, Apollo, and of course, Zeus.


As a fan of the Netflix original Castlevania, Blood of Zeus looks like it has the same animation, and that’s great. I’m a fan of Greek mythology, so this something I’m looking forward to watching. Will you binge Blood of Zeus, or will you watch it slowly and take it all in? October 27th can’t get here fast enough for me. For more information on this anime, click this link from Take a look at this article about My Hero Academia Season 5.

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