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Let me clear up something that I stated in my Back 4 Blood review Left 4 Dead was not made by Turtle Rock it was Valve. It has some people from the original team in Turtle Rock but it was mainly a Valve project as pointed out by Crowbat. If you don’t believe me seriously go watch their video. They break down the whole history of the game, development, and all that. But that aside Back 4 Blood is a failure with a death quicker than Evolve.

Now hold up wait a minute that is a harsh and bold-ass statement to throw out there I know but let me explain. Let’s start with the good! The game has made some changes some very so much needed changes including the so much-needed offline/solo mode that finally tracks achievements. You can also get supply points now in solo mode. I can’t tell you how on hour 5 of working on the review when I found that out. It almost broke me.

I do feel it may have been a little late but it’s there now and thank god for that because getting a match is next to impossible now. The last time I played was Aug. 3rd, 2022 when I was streaming to some friends on discord and I could not find 1 game to co-op even though the full roster of characters is now available. It also seems like the game has fixed some of its balancing issues. It may not have fixed enemies spawning behind you when you have your back against a wall but at least it takes a bit more for you to go down now. Or at least it seems that way. There are also Ridden hives which serve as additional areas to try to find and explore.

This is all without touching the swarm mode as I didn’t play a ton of it before. The gameplay is pretty much the same with the same competent gunplay. Which is the most frustrating part it actually feels like a fundamentally competent shooter/ zombie game.

The reason I say this game is a failure is this dropped during the pandemic. It is a perfect 4-person PvE/PvP game that had the hype of being the next left 4 Dead yet here we are almost a full year after the launch and it’s a mostly forgetting game. Like it’s a solid and fun game with friends but that can not be the selling factor. I don’t even know if the second DLC dropping will matter to most people.

Back 4 Blood could have been a classic maybe not something outstanding but something that the masses could play every so often that is a trip down memory lane. Instead, well here we are in this article together looking at each other wondering what happened. Did, they burn bridges with players and streamers alike? Was it just the wrong type of game at the wrong time? Was it overhyped?

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