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So back a few weeks ago we informed you about a rumor regarding a new Series X console. There have been reports of a new development kit, but it is unclear whether the two stories are related. The original story might involve Microsoft moving the Series X into the digital age. Why not the Xbox Series X digital, given that the PlayStation 5 is already digital? For this rumored new Xbox hardware, we had a supposed release date and even a system description.

Yes, we’ve heard reports regarding a potential PlayStation 5 Pro, the most recent of which being upgraded games upscaled to 4K 60 with no loss of ray tracing. However, that is all the information we have right now. We have a better understanding of the Xbox Series X digital, however. The original source of the leak has returned with further information on the hardware, so let’s go deeper into what they have.

What Can We Expect From An Xbox Series X Digital Console?

First and foremost outside of lacking a disc drive, the leaked images show a white Series X. Now outside of the color change there does not seem to be any extra ports or other enhancements based on the leaked build.

Again, outside of the color change and lack of an optical drive, which is a digital piece of hardware, this is no surprise. It is also expected to have an improved heatsink, but no other improvements have been reported. Also, we see that all the ports on the rear are identical to what we see today. We have no price point yet, but like the PlayStation 5 digital, it is expected to retail for less than the current Series X. At the time of writing, we have no official confirmation as to the accuracy of these reports, so please take these leaks with a large grain of salt.

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