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This news about an Xbox Series X rumour we touched upon last Summer. It also was highlighted during the saga that was the Activision Blizzard purchase before it was finally approved. The rumour is regarding a mid-gen refresh to the Series X/S hardware. On the other side, we have similar rumours over a mid-gen refresh for Sony which if it happens is expected to be a PlayStation 5 Pro. So now let’s look more into what Microsoft could have for their Xbox Series consoles.

This latest rumour is regarding the Xbox Series X. The Series S already had a slight upgrade, albeit in the form of a 1TB SSD. This is double the hard drive size the console launched back in November 2020. This new rumour was covered by both Pure Xbox and Eurogamer so let’s look and see what the rumour says. They both use the leaker eXtas1s from eXputer as a source. Please note all the following has not been confirmed by anyone from Microsoft so at time of writing is just speculation.

Xbox Series X Refresh – What The Rumour Says

So we have three key points from the article which will listed below. They are as follows.

  • Microsoft is planning to release a digital Xbox Series X somewhere between June and July this year.
  • The black color of the existing console will be swapped with white, and it’ll be all-digital. 
  • The price of the digital Xbox Series X is unknown, but it could be lower than the current model. 

However one point of note is the release date, so let’s look at this first. The leak states a window of somewhere between June and July. Now we coming into March very soon and we have no announcements of an Xbox event to even announce one. The price point being lower would be expected as the digital PlayStation 5 is cheaper than the console including the 4K UHD drive. The colour is also said to be white. The article ends with

Beyond the color switch-up and the lack of an optical disc drive (ODD), the other changes made to the white Xbox Series X shown to us include an improved heatsink and an upgraded Nexus card as opposed to the one on the current Xbox Series X. We are unable to share images of the new console at the time due to the secrecy of the matter.

The future of the Xbox Series X?

Going back to the release date we are told that “there are chances for a slight delay on that front as well”. The leak from Microsoft documents last year stated a cylindrical design which differed from this rumour. That leak also differs from the console last year offering a front-facing USB-C slot, improved wi-fi, a refreshed controller as well as decreased power draw. Time will tell but we’d love your thoughts on this news.

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