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The Xbox Games Showcase is set to bless us all on July 23rd. While most expected some type of Xbox Series X news, that will not be the case. Thanks to the always awesome Aaron Greenberg from Microsoft we know now that the show will be focused on games and games alone. This is amazing news. For one hour players will be treated to nonstop gaming news from 1st party to 3rd party developers. With a heavy focus on what the Xbox Game Studios are currently up to. If you are on the edge of you set on what’s is next to come, you are only a few days away. There are heavy rumors floating that we may finally get to see the highly anticipated Fable reboot that is rumored to be in development by Playground Games. Additionally, players are expecting to see another rumored title Perfect Dark by newly made studio The Initiative. One game you can definitely expect to be there is Ninja Theory’s Hellblade 2. We first saw this title along with the Xbox Series X during the Video Game Awards in 2019. It is safe to say we will be getting our first look at gameplay. What are you guys expecting from the Xbox Games Showcase? What games are you looking forward to seeing? Let your voice be heard and let us know.

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