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So we’ve just looked at some Halloween picks for this years spooky gaming. It does look like the Silent Hill 2 remake is going to miss this period. However we can hope by this time next year it makes the list. Another that will miss the list is one IGN posted on YouTube called While We Wait Here. A demo is available on Steam now so let’s look at the trailer below and see why it’s a horror contender.

Let’s take a closer look at what the game is all about. For this, I’ll rely on IGN’s description of this “Psychological-Horror Restaurant Management Game,” on Steam. Yes, it appears to be a combination of a sim and a horror game. However, if we return to the game’s Steam page, we can see a little bit more about what we receive with While We Wait Here. The game is described as a “kitchen management game with dialogue options and multiple endings. While the world is ending, we are serving the final clients.

The description on the listing states:

Run a small diner located near a mountain range, take orders from your customers, cook them good food and serve them refreshments. 

The equilibrium of an ordinary working day is shattered when news of an impending catastrophe is broadcasted.

Now looming over the characters is the catastrophic threat of the end of the world. At the diner, some of your customers seem to ignore it, blinded by their own problems they play the whole thing down or even refuse to believe it. Others welcome it as punishment for what they have done in their life. As you wait inside the diner, listen to their stories and offer them food for thought.

Will you convince your customers to run for shelter, or will they stay at the diner, waiting for the end?

The game features as shown on Steam are

  • Talk to customers in your diner about the impending end of the world and help them make choices as you grill burgers, cook fries, flip pancakes and wash the dishes.
  • A psycho-horror with multiple endings in which you try and solve your troubled customers’ varying problems.
  • A meditative experience with no game over, where there is no right or wrong, and where each choice is yours alone.
  • Dozens of unique first-person interactions.
  • Faced with death, observe the range of human dynamics from behind a counter.
  • Fully voiced-over characters.

As you can see its a rather unique take for a horror title.

What We Can Expect In While We Wait Here:

Currently there is a demo out for the game. So you can try it for yourself and see if its worth a wishlist or not. Looking at the game, we can observe that it isn’t as photorealistic or graphically detailed as lesser games like Abandoned Souls or Dead Man’s Diary. Though we have an art style and visuals that I think work well and complement the game wonderfully. The game is simple to learn and play, and it runs well. In addition, something about the demo made me desire more. Suddenly, forensics were analyzing the cafe while you and your customers went about your business. Then there’s the approaching apocalypse. It’s a well-crafted teaser of what’s to come, in my opinion.

Currrently the game is expected to launch in 2024 on Steam. However, there is currently no word on if there will be a console port. By looking at the system specs there is no reason it shouldn’t be on consoles as well, so we will have to wait and see.

  • OS: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Processor: I3-4130 3,40 GhZ
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 750
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

Though it does appear that some of the devs are followed by ID@Xbox when looking for them on Twitter. I reached out to them on Twitter about a console release, so perhaps some good news will follow for console owners.

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