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September has drawn to a close and October is knocking on the door. This period is also the spooky month for the year with Halloween just around the corner. However this month we have a massive game release schedule which has even forced games to other months such as the reboot of horror Alone in the Dark. However, we still have some horror picks for you got Halloween 2023. The case is where do we start? We do have some titles incoming as well as titles available now. Let’s start with the games coming.


This is already available on PC though the UK studio behind the game is bringing it to console. However after a fire at the studio, Kinetic Games did announce the game to arrive in the week of Halloween. So it’s another October title. Though it’s well received on PC so potential on console is there.

Stray Souls

One I’m eagerly awaiting and is due on Halloween. I did get a chance to play a demo and put it through its paces. It is very much in the mold of Silent Hill so is a perfect fit for Halloween 2023 period.

Alan Wake 2

The long-awaited sequel to the cult classic from Remedy finally arrives on 27th October. It’s also a shift to survival horror. So already we have three horror games due in the space of a week. Add Slender the Arrival on the 18th we have four in a fortnight. This means our famous writer will be part of a Halloween quartet very soon.

That’s Not All For Halloween 2023

We have a selection of games available now. Capcom delivered an excellent remake for Resident Evil 4 and it’s also getting a free PlayStation VR 2 upgrade. As well that the Seperate Ways DLC is available now. Though talking of Resident Evil, earlier this year we saw a sequel for a game inspired by the Capcom franchise. So with Tormented Souls 2 on the cards why just into the original.

PlayStation Plus in October sees The Callisto Protocol free to subscribers and we have the remake for Dead Space available as well. Bloober Team is working on a remake for Silent Hill 2 but in the meantime gave a Unreal Engine 5 remake combining all the Layers of Fear games with new content. If you like Korean horror we have The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation which the sequel has just been given a trailer. So with all these in mind, this spooky season is offering plenty to play.

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