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Games set in a post-apocalyptic environment are extremely popular in the game industry. The Last of Us, for example, is one of the most popular games of the last decade, inspiring many games and even a television show. If we include nuclear fallout, we can look back on the Fallout franchise for a quarter-century. There’s also the old STALKER series and the more current Chernobylite. A fresh candidate aspires to join the well-balanced list. The survival-based action adventure Dead Man’s Diary, which first appeared on PC last year, has now been published for Xbox Series X. This is yet another game that makes use of the Unreal Engine 5.

The console release is offering a few changes to the release last year on PC. According to Games Press the Xbox Series X version offers the following changes

  • Upgrade to Unreal Engine 5
  • New Unreal Engine 5 lighting system (Lumen)
  • Enhanced in-game help with hints in the world
  • Optional dynamic help to progress more easily in the game
  • Reworked interaction with objects

The gameplay trailer for Dead Man’s Diary for Xbox can be seen below. However please remember if you’re gaming on a Xbox One this game will not be playable on that console. If you do wish to grab the game for Xbox then look here.

As for what the game is about the store listing states the following

You’re on your own in a world full of danger! You can drink only if you discover water, survive the night only if you have a safe place to sleep – eat only what you have found or hunted. Explore a destroyed world and experience a dark story. Dead Man’s Diary is a unique blend of elements from several genres. The gameplay adopts typical survival game mechanics such as crafting items or exploring a hostile world along with the need to find places to sleep or food. And enriches it with a gripping story and realistic puzzles.

Dead Man's Diary

How Dead Man’s Diary Is On Console

First and foremost, we can observe that the upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 has made the images more realistic. We have some excellent textures and lighting on exhibit, and it may look almost real at times. The disadvantage is that there is a little pause while switching from the status menu to gaming. It’s hardly a game changer, but it’s something to be aware of. The soundtrack and sound effects enhance the gameplay. As a result, the terror of not knowing contributes to the game’s unsettling mood at moments.

Dead Man's Diary

How does the game behave as you move about and interact with the environment? It appears to be somewhat steady. I didn’t notice any substantial frame drops, but I haven’t done much battling or faced many risks yet. However, first impressions are positive.

Naturally, this could change later on in the game though encountered AI threats didn’t make the game drop frames as I say. Stay tuned for more when I dive deeper into the world. There’s so much more to see and explore. Tell me your comments in the comments section below and stay tuned for more from Lv1 Gaming.

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