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Horror games have gone through all the genres and styles they can be. A staple of the genre is of course being chased and hunted by something spooky and creepy. But what if you weren’t the one being hunted, instead helping those being hunted down? That’s exactly what happens in this horror comedy, as you take on the role of a Lifetime with our Killer Frequency review.

As a late-night radio host, you’re tasked to help take calls from people calling in for help. As they struggle to survive, can you help save them from a tragic fate? Well, we find out in our Killer Frequency review, if the game has what it takes to stay on the air or get killed off the airwaves.

Spoiler Warning: There is a lot of story in this game so read at your own risk.


The story starts at the beginning of a late-night shift at the radio station. Our “hero” is Forrest Nash, a former popular big-time radio host, who lost his popularity. So now he is a late-night host in a small town. He loathes his loss and having to broadcast to only 25 people, when he was used to millions. He goes through his usual stuff with his producer Peggy.

However, their night takes a twist when the police dispatcher calls into the station. She states she was attacked, and that the sheriff has been murdered! The only town deputy has been injured and there is no help coming. Here with some quick thinking from Forest and Peggy, they may be able to help Leslie. She fends off the attacker and finds the keys to the cruiser. Depending she can save the life of the deputy, and make a getaway.

The Start of a Long Night.

Here she tasks Forest and Peggy to act as the 911 dispatchers for the evening. As she has to drive to another town to get assistance from another police department, however, it may take a few hours. Throughout the night the story unfolds of the legend of the Whistling Man, a supposed killer from decades prior who killed many. Long thought to be dead or a legend, it seems he has returned to terrorize the sleepy town.

A Town In Need:

As the game goes on different residents call for help, and it is up to Forest to help them with how they are being attacked, and hopefully save them while slowly uncovering the truth of the murders and the Whistling Man.

I simply love the premise of a down-on-his-luck DJ after his fall from stardom. The thing that’s so interesting about it all is how the town’s fate and its residents are in your hands. However, you can only help from the confines of the DJ booth. The clear idea of utilization of the items in your office plays a large part in helping to save everyone.

With every call, each is different and distinct, which all tie into the overall legend of the town. These pieces all coming together makes the overall mystery so compelling. At times the dark humor left me in stitches and also sad as I tried to save everyone. The story is simply killer from beginning to end and you’ll love every second of this show.


The visuals of Killer Frequency are simply amazing. The team took the utmost care when it came to this retro vibe. It feels like they dug into a time machine and pulled a studio directly out of the 80s. From the Vibrant color palette of nothing but purple, yellow, and other neon-centric colors. Everything just pops with a flair that isn’t really seen nowadays which makes it unique.

Killer Frequency Review in-game DJ Booth
Getting Ready to Strap in the booth.

Not to mention that the entire design of the studio is purely authentic. With the amount of detail that went into creating a true DJ’s booth from that era, everything just looks amazing. Now, while there are a lot of colors as well, there is the perfect amount of contrast to offset the bright lights. With just a touch of darker colors to help mute everything. It makes it so your eyes aren’t flooded all the time and helps a lot!

Overall Killer Frequency simply stands out visually with its nostalgic and retro neon vibe and its authenticity.


The audio in Killer Frequency is awesome. This is in large part because you’re the DJ, so you control the music. So being able to control the music is so different because if you don’t play a track it’s all white noise. So having the ability to control the tone of the game is different. Not to mention when you turn off the record player, and the music changes suddenly to add to a scene it’s unsettling. Because you no longer have control and it helps to add further emphasis.

The best way to pass a long night is by shooting hoops!

Whether you are controlling the music or not, the game handles a lot with a little and it goes a long way. On top of a great soundtrack, the voice Acting is simply TOP NOTCH. And I mean that with extra emphasis, as you spend the majority of the game in the DJ booth, you have to tell the story in your head and imagine it. As you have to hear nothing but the cries for help, the panting of running, and the visceral death throes of the unfortunate souls.

Nothing is seen so you rely on nothing but the callers’ voices and your imagination as you visualize it all. And while there are times the lines feel disconnected and flat it plays off the emotional and over-the-top aspect of the whole story.


Now the gameplay is probably where things are the tamest. While there is some interaction it is still very minimal in the grand scheme of the game. Not that there isn’t anything wrong with that. It has selections for talking to characters, as well as some things you have to use in your booth like maps, lists, notes, and more.

Who is the man underneath the Mask?

However, while some choices are set with a limited amount of time to add to the urgency of thinking quickly there are times when it doesn’t feel like there is that urgency. This can take away a lot from the tension the game makes. While it is not breaking, it can be slightly immersion-breaking. Outside of looking over these items, the only real thing you do is select new records to play. While also occasionally pushing buttons on your audio mixer. which adds a nice touch of humor as an on-air joke, but overall, it just seems like there is a lot that is missing.

When the timer is there it makes things feel more nail-biting on your choices. But overall the gameplay is simple but still well done.

Closing Thoughts:

Overall my time with my Killer Frequency review was simply amazing. It was a great story and mystery to uncover. While also feeling like a great period piece at that time. The game was overall well done and I loved every minute of the game.

So if you think you have what it takes to be the ultimate DJ and save the town I highly recommend playing it for yourself! I want to say thank you to Team 17 for providing us a code for the game and allowing me to cover it.

Currently, Killer Frequency is available on PC through Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and on Nintendo Switch.

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