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Here in time for the scares and spooks let’s recommend some games for Halloween. My recommendations for games hopefully give you some scares. So, let’s get to it and get some games down that you may want to check out.

I did a Google search to see what the general feeling was, and the top result was found here. I agree very much with the titles on here but also would not keep that order. So, here are some I recommend for Halloween.

Alien Isolation

Following on in a way to the original Alien is this for me underrated classic. Having to hide from an enemy is intense enough but the iconic Alien as seen in Ridley Scott’s classic is terrifying indeed. Add to the fact this enemy can spring from anywhere and is pretty much on the most part unbeatable, well it’s a very horrible experience at times. So, for those reasons alone, it’s a must-have for any horror fan.

System Shock 2

I was impressed back in the day with the original, and that is being faithfully remade. However, the sequel was for me a far superior game. Combining first-person shooter with horror as well as RPG elements and the enemy AI, you face it was a memorable game. The team remaking the original have the right to remake this and I would love this to return.

Resident Evil (Remake)

It’s not the first in the survival horror genre. Alone in the Dark came out four years earlier and even Alone in the Dark 3 was out before Capcom and their iconic franchise. However, the original from1996 and now more specifically the 2002 remake are for me genre-defining. The first time you experience the dogs jump through the window or see that first Zombie look at you. For me a moment you’ll remember.

Silent Hill 2

Probably one of the most iconic titles of all time, let alone in the horror genre is the Konami classic from 2001. We have since been given the news it’s being remade, which could potentially make this list. The biggest fault the game has it made it close to impossible for the rest of the franchise to follow. There is an argument that this is the perfect survival horror. It also has one of the most iconic creatures in the genre. If you’ve played the game, you know immediately that is Pyramid Head.

There are so many good horrors, we have the original Dead Space, Resident Evil 2 and its remake, F.E.A.R, Condemned: Criminal Origins to name a few. Xbox Game Pass subscribers also just in time for Halloween got SOMA and the Amnesia Collection as well as Amnesia Rebirth and Signalis.

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