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So in this week’s episode of StarCrossed Gamers, Johnnyman117 took some time to gush over Timberborn. This survival city builder is a universe where the major inhabitants of Earth are beavers. You are their leader and must manage their resources and lead them to prosperity. Johnnyman has found a way to min-max his beavers into ultimate supremacy and peak efficiency.

Now even though we spent a large amount of time talking about wood, beavers, and how they come together in Timberborn. We also took some time to discuss how BaronJ67 wants to add a frustrating amount of realism, such as pollution and forest fires. Also, we took some time to talk about classic games that still hold up. What made this topic hilariously absurd is that 99% of the games we discussed were all released after the year 2000.

Without giving up too much more of the show make sure to check out the full episode above or at the official LV1 Gaming YouTube Channel. Johnnyman117 is part of the Empire and BaronJ67 is a supporter of most groups against them. The universe may never understand how they not only host a show together but don’t go to intergalactic war over each topic.

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