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Amongst fans of the anime world, many fandoms are ride or die. They will defend their series claiming it’s the best while others will tell them it sucks. However, there is one series that has been unstoppable sales-wise for 2 decades that everyone seems to hate. That’s the Straw Hat crew of One Piece. However, the recent live-action adaptation on Netflix has been an absolute blowout success. So much so that the One Piece live-action is getting a second season.

Barely two weeks after its release the pirate crew is still stunning the world and staying on top. As the Series debuted at the number one spot in 46 countries and in the top 10 in over 90 countries. That’s not to mention that several weeks ago the much-anticipated reveal of Gear 5th Luffy, broke the internet.

The news of the renewal comes from the creator and many fans goat of a mangaka, Eichiro Oda-sensei himself. Using a working snail phone, a device used as a communications device in the show; He states how he received the news that the show is getting a second season. And while it is still early the scripts will be ready in time.

However, at the end of his excitement, he states that there is still much in the works. Stating that the straw hat crew is gonna need a good doctor. He ended his announcement with a tease that everyone’s favorite adorable doctor, Tony Tony Chopper would be coming. There is much to speculate which story arcs will be shown in the next season. It is great to know that we will be seeing our favorite little deer boy.

Are you excited that the One Piece live-action is getting renewed? Have you watched the series yet or not, let us know down below.

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