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How many of you are a fan of dinosaurs? I’m always raising my hand to that question, However, if I then asked, are you a fan of Jurassic Park; I’m sure to see a few positive responses. It’s a series spanning six films with two simulation games. Both of these heavily focus on building and reading results running a theme park. However, imagine being in the world of the first film where you’re Alan Grant, Lex, and Tim and experiencing the events with the iconic T-Rex, and it is all about survival. That’s where The Lost Wild steps in, sort of.

I mentioned this in an anticipated games article and now it’s time to revisit The Lost Wild. We know it’s definitely coming to PC via Steam as the official website gives the link to wish list the game. This may not be about a theme park, but it’s a setting that could have been part of even the Jurassic Park films. The game on the Steam listing says it’s:

“a survival horror adventure about overcoming nature’s most formidable forms of life. Explore overgrown research facilities nestled in a lush wilderness. Be resourceful, intimidate, evade, and unravel the mystery at the heart of the island”.

The FAQ on the official website states the game is currently in a pre-alpha build. However, the FAQ also mentions a release window. Great Ape Games said before even announcing anything the game was a few years into development. So at the moment, the game is in a playable state. They say to “expect a production cycle of between two and three years. And a launch somewhere around late 2024/early 2025”. As for platforms PC is given, they state:

We are currently focusing all of our efforts on a PC release on Steam, Epic Game Store, and GOG. Next-gen console versions are on our roadmap.

For those who want to see more. you can watch the trailer below. While we may not be getting a Dino Crisis remake just yet, it seems others are also bringing the dinosaurs to survival horror.

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