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Last year, we got the news about Redfall and Starfield being delayed. Starfield for example was due to launch in November 2022. Both were given a 2023 release window, but we have heard nothing since. Hopefully for Redfall, that may change very soon. On the 25th January we have the Developer_Direct which is on at 12pm PT, 3pm ET and 8pm GMT check it out on Twitch and YouTube. Redfall will be part of the event, but Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG is not part of the event. This is going be covered in depth in its own event.

The last we saw of the game was a gameplay overview last summer, and it was said to come out in the first half of 2023. This was confirmed by the game’s official support page which stated that “Starfield arrives exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC in the first half of 2023.” Despite the fact that this is what we were told when the game was initially delayed last year. We also know it will launch after Redfall however the problem here is simple, at time of writing that has no release date either. Though that may change next week when the Developer_Direct. The upcoming Forza Motorsports is also part of the event on the 25th.

Starfield And When We Can Expect It To Launch

Pure Xbox posted an article covering news from a podcast by MrMattyPlays. The podcast in question is “Defining Duke.” The information given in the broadcast seems to indicate that the game is delayed once again. The Steam listing also stated “coming soon,” which is usually the case when a game has no fixed release window. Previously, it said 2023, putting the release date completely up in the air. This is the information from the podcast

Starfield is getting a possible bump out of the first half [of 2023] because it’s currently undated. They could go through a test and go ‘you know, it is ready’, it’s just very up in the air in that regard. This source is someone I trust quite a bit, they’ve been very correct [before]. For those of you who trust my KOTOR stuff, this is the person that verified that stuff in the past.

So once again fans of the long awaited space epic could be left waiting. We have to wait until we have some announcement from Xbox or Bethesda; don’t rule out the game receiving a delay of some sort.

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