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So after what feels like an eternity, Starfield is here. We’ve talked about why you need to play the game and after several hours playing it I’ve managed to form some early thoughts. Though will I be praising the work of Bethesda on their newest IP in years? Or will it be a case of frustration at a lack of missed opportunities? After all, we have been promised so much, and has the reality matched the hype? Though please note this isn’t a full review, just early thoughts on one of the biggest most ambitious games out right now.

The game looks great, with great lighting and particle effects. It creates a vibrant and engaging environment in whatever world you land in, with settlements and cities teeming with life. We also have a variety of vendors and professions located nearby. However, the game comes to life once you reach the far reaches of space. That is when Starfield shines the brightest.

Why I’m Enjoying Starfield

As a result, it’s difficult to pinpoint a single cause. I enjoy science fiction, and this game is an RPG in that genre. This game’s attention to detail is fantastic. One settlement has a “number of days since an incident occurred” timer. And it is reset as soon as you shoot someone down. As peaceful days pass in the game the number will steadily tick up. Extreme cold can cause frostbite, and running too much can deplete oxygen levels. On top of the fun sci-fi details, we are also given a compelling story. I’m also enjoying the gameplay because there is no single way to approach missions. I just feel so liberated as I approach the start of a mission. As a result, everyone will have different points of view. Starfield is worth checking out especially if you have Game Pass because you can play it for no extra cost. What are your thoughts on the game, though? As always, we would be grateful if you could share them with us.

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