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Let’s talk about 5 Reasons Starfield Is Going To Be Amazing. For those living on the dark side of the moon, Starfield is the first new IP from Bethesda Game Studios in 25 years. The same developers who have previously brought to life iconic worlds that are still being explored after a decade. And that leads directly to point number 1.

Bethesda Historically Makes Great Games

Bethesda Game Studios has provided iconic RPGs for over 20 years. From The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Fallout 3, and of course the legendary Skyrim. They have created in-depth revolutionary video game worlds. People are still making new discoveries in Skyrim. So imagine what it will be like once Starfield releases.

Replayability And Value Are The Standard

Number 2 One thing Bethesda is going to do is make sure you get your money’s worth when you buy their games. Pete Hines Vice President of Bethesda Game Studios recently mentioned how he has spent over 100 hours in Starfield and is not close to 100% the game. Now this is easy to imagine if you have played previous BGS titles. I personally look forward to spending an ungodly number of hours doing anything besides the main story quest.

Imagine What Bethesda Will Do With 1000 Planets

Number 3 Not just any old outer space we are going to be exploring a Bethesda Game Studio Galaxy! Not just a singular solar system but a small galaxy of 1000 planets. 1000 planets made up of different biomes some filled with life while others will be desolate. Procedural generation will be used to create some truly unique experiences. While only 10% of the planets will have life on them. That is still a lot of full-size planets to explore and harvest resources from.

You Can Be A Space Pirate

Number 4 You can board enemy ships in space. I repeat you can find yourself in space aboard an enemy ship fighting the crew in order to take control of the ship. Now the enemies will vary based on your morality and allegiances but still. You will be able to partake in space piracy. And of course, you have dogfights in space but the idea of being able to board another ship sounds ridiculously fun.

Looting, Crafting, and Ship Building

Number 5 Looting and crafting are apparently a big part of Starfield. During the Summer Game fest showcase Bethesda showed off the wide variety of crafting that will be available. Whether it is crafting your base or parts for your favorite weapon this is going to keep a lot of people busy. There is also an in-depth ship-building feature that was shown off and it really looks like the sky and your available resources are the limit.  Now apparently you can loot a lot of items off of enemies and if you have played previous Bethesda games you know you can often take the shirt off of enemy’s backs.

I plan to play as a Spike Spiegal-inspired bounty hunter who may commit a crime but has a heart of gold. Starfield looks like it will offer plenty of ways for RPG fans to not only play but enjoy the game. These are my 5 reasons Starfield will be amazing make sure in the comments below to let us know your thoughts. And let us know what you are most excited to do in Starfield which is launching September 6th on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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