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Gamers will no doubt be prepared for Bethesda’s upcoming space odyssey Starfield. The wait is almost over as we are getting close to the launch set for Xbox Series X/S and PC on September 6th. That puts us just a few weeks from launch.

Starfield as we know is also on Game Pass at launch as a first-party Xbox Games Studio’s title. However, if you choose to buy it you can buy the Constellation edition which is the edition with the Starfield themed watch. Otherwise, you have a Standard Edition and a Premium Edition. Though you do see some benefits from the Premium Edition. If you are downloading via Game Pass you can get the Premium Edition Upgrade which costs £31.49 / $31.49. If you go this route you get the following extra content

  • Starfield Digital Artbook & Original Soundtrack
  • Starfield: Old Mars Skin Pack
  • Starfield: Premium Edition Content
  • Steel Book (if you purchase on amazon)

This also includes “up to 5 days early access”.

When We Can Jump Into Starfield

Pure Xbox has the release times for early access to the game. We have no release times for the Standard Edition launch edition as yet but they may well be a similar time. For those with early access, the times are as follows

  • 5pm PT: 31st August
  • 8pm ET:  31st August
  • 1am BST: 1st September
  • 2am CEST: 1st September

Meaning the game is subject to a global launch. So is this one game you’re looking forward to?

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