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Spirittea Sees Massive Success in Launch Week with $1 Million in Revenue and 150,000 Players

The new life simulation game Spirittea has exceeded expectations during its launch week, garnering over $1 million in sales and 150,000 players across platforms. Developed solo by Dan Beckerton (Cheesemaster Games) and published by No More Robots, Spirittea has proven to be a hit right out of the gate.

Inspired by the classic Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away, Spirittea allows players to escape to an idyllic countryside setting and help local spirits by offering them hospitality at their bathhouse. With strong sales across PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Game Pass, the game has charted in the Top Sellers section on Nintendo’s eShop in nearly every region.

Key Launch Week Highlights:

  • $1 million in total sales
  • 150,000+ players on PC, Switch, and Game Pass
  • Profitable on launch day, with profits 3X development costs
  • Strong sales on Nintendo Switch, charting in Top Sellers worldwide
  • 10,000+ players from Xbox Game Pass inclusion

For a solo developer project, this launch is a massive success. In just one week, Spirittea has made back its entire development budget three times over and gained a large audience across multiple platforms.

Dan Beckerton expressed gratitude for the support, stating “The response has been just so positive. It’s everything a developer could hope for.”

He also confirmed plans to expand the game moving forward: “Now development is secure for a long time to come. I can’t wait to roll out new updates and content for players.”

Xbox Game Pass

On top of its sales on Steam and Nintendo Switch, Spirittea received a big boost from Xbox with the help of Xbox Game Pass with over 10,000 people having played the game. Mike Rose of NoMoreRobots took to Twitter to discuss the Xbox Game Pass Impact.

What Players Can Expect in Spirittea

Spirittea offers a blend of life simulation, management, and mystery-solving gameplay. Players live a tranquil day-to-day experience in the countryside, befriending locals, catching bugs, singing karaoke, and more. But they also help wayward spirits by offering hospitality at their own bathhouse.

Upgrading the bathhouse and providing relaxing baths, towels, snacks, and other amenities will attract a colorful cast of spirit patrons. Players can even encounter rare “Lord Spirits” and customize entire bathhouse rooms to their liking.

With its warm, wholesome nature and Ghibli-esque charm, Spirittea has clearly resonated with simulation fans. The impressive launch represents a huge success for the solo indie developer and a promising start for the game’s long-term content roadmap.

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