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Those of you who have been following my story know one of my goals is to clear out my backlog. On that list, the first game I choose is Spiritfarer. Spritfarer has been a game I have been playing since it came out in August 2020, and it had me crying within the first hour of gameplay because you can’t help but fall in love with all of the characters that you are helping to cross over to the other side.

Why I Chose Spiritfarer:

I hope gaming will help with my declining mental health in 2023. Yes, it’s still early in the year to say that my mental health is declining, but it is. I have already taken some tough hits this year; so I will start with the one thing that has repeatedly saved my life, outside of therapy and meds, (which I am currently on and under the care of.)

In between those periods of sadness, the story is one of amazing humor and feel-good memories; and it often helped me deal with the losses of loved ones that I still struggle with consistently. Spiritfarer is one of the most gorgeous games I’ve played. Plus the storyline is so damn amazing, however, it deals with a lot of grief. I recently just lost a dear friend, so I figured this will help me in dealing with the insurmountable amount of sadness that I am currently feeling.

You’re probably wondering, “why would you play a sad game if you’re sad?” The reason is sometimes crying makes me feel better….just like yelling into the void when I am angry helps me to release the feelings of anger. I am working on finding healthier ways to deal with my feelings and my therapist has suggested that I spend more time with my hobbies. 

My 2023 Goals

Spiritfarer will definitely play a big part in helping me accomplish a big goal in 2023, which is clearing off my backlog. I have an amazing backlog that I write about here and I can’t wait to tackle it but I also have to make sure that I keep my goals realistic enough for me to still have time to accomplish the other things on my list without getting overwhelmed or feeling bad about myself if I am not where I envision myself. 

Healing is a big part of what I hope to accomplish in 2023 and I hope Spiritfarer will also play a big part in helping me heal. I know it will help me move past so much hurt and grief. People often look at games in a negative light but games have saved my life. I am choosing to heal this year and allowing a game to help take me on a beautiful journey of healing, love, laughter, crying, sadness, and joy. I am going to come out on the other side of this journey a much stronger and a much more beautiful human being and I will have those who I have lost to thank for that. 

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