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I looked back at my articles on my anticipated games of 2023 as well as survival games being worth their time. I noticed one title mentioned in both and I’ve not talked about it much. The game is called Rooted. This is an upcoming survival game that can be played solo or multiplayer with friends. We know from the Steam listing we need to “explore an ancient overgrown world full of dangers”. Being a survival game and a post-apocalyptic one at that we need to do a lot to survive. We have to hunt for supplies and food, and salvage the world before building and crafting.

We have the official website and Steam telling us it’s Unreal Engine 5-powered game. So what do we know about the plot of Rooted? Well, the official description provided on the website states “It’s 2100 and you are one of the few survivors. You must progress and adapt through the ruins of the past civilization that collapsed due to global bacteriological warfare. To develop your camp and improve your living conditions, you must explore – alone or with your friends, to collect scraps and objects, restore items, or even create new ones that you will learn to craft along the way”. If you want to see some screens of how the game looks these are provided thanks to IGN.

What Is Rooted On, When Is It Coming Out, And What Does Game Play Look Like

So we can answer the gameplay very easily as we got a small trailer at the Future Games Show last year. It can be seen below.

This is also the most recent footage we’ve seen. We do have a road map to the game’s release which tells us roughly when the game is to be expected.

However you can apply to join the closed alpha now which is expected to start in May. We know it’s PC bound and the FAQ asks about the likelihood of a console release.

Will Rooted be releasing on consoles (Xbox/Playstation) ?

Our priority is getting the game out for PC. However, we would really like to bring Rooted to consoles further down the line.

Hopefully, it isn’t too long before we see some footage. Though don’t be surprised if some are leaked briefly and pulled by developer Headlight Studios as the Closed Alpha is under NDA. They also just posted, at the time of writing, a few hours ago a sneak peek to the alpha.

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