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After a long period of nearly two decades, Resident Evil 4 is finally back and better than ever. Capcom’s remake of the beloved 4th game has launched and has been out for a bit now and I want to dive in to see what changed and what stayed the same. We initially brought you some thoughts on the demo which was a look at the first chapter now I’ve gotten my hands on the game and have seen a more detailed look at what Resident Evil 4 Remake has to offer. Some of this game felt so familiar to the original and some of this felt very new as well.

A quality-of-life upgrade that I really appreciated was something we usually see with a lot of games out today. We have a choice over making framerate a priority or the resolution and there is also the option to turn ray tracing on as well. In this article, though we aren’t focusing on the story just yet that can be saved for a full review in the future. For this, I want to focus on the visuals and gameplay mechanics that the remake has to offer. First up let’s look at how the game looks with a few screenshots I took.

It is evident visually that the presentation offered is quite strong and beautifully done. It holds a tense yet oddly gross and beautiful atmosphere. You may have predicted this if you had played Resident Evil Village and the Resident Evil 2 remake. The remake utilizes the impressive lighting and particle effects showcased with the RE: Engine.

How Resident Evil 4 Remake Performs

To demonstrate how the game functions exactly, I recorded a portion of it. All of the gameplay was recorded on an Xbox Series X with the priority of quality above frame rate. Let’s check out how the game is doing.

It is to be expected that the gameplay is significantly smoother than it was in the original ports. In comparison to the recent remakes, the gunplay functions nicely and seems smoother. It seems fluid even with the resolution choice setting and ray tracing switched on. Enemy AI is functioning more naturally than before, flanking you, rushing you, and alert to sounds. One issue I experienced with the aesthetics was that Leon would sometimes walk through or push branches to the side, which could have been disguising loading screens or other background operations. The overall polish and performance of the game are excellent; in fact, it feels more polished than the demo.

Have you played the remake yet? Are you interested in Resident Evil games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section and stay tuned for more from Lv1 Gaming.

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