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After telling you about the return of Red Dead Redemption, we can look at what the newly released version can offer. There is a PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 5 comparison video which is found below.

What we find is an increase in resolution on PlayStation 5. This means playing the game on Sony’s latest console provides us with a 4K resolution. Textures and character models offer a crisper image. From this, we see it’s down to the anti-aliasing techniques across the generations. We also have a locked 30 fps framerate which is easier to achieve with the current console generation.

The best way to judge a game properly, at least for me is raw gameplay. So, with that in mind, I recorded and compiled a selection of gameplay for the newer release of Red Dead Redemption. Why not let the game speak for itself?

We have a smoother gameplay experience as we can see. Consequently, with the DualSense being more responsive to the likes of the DualShock 3 and Xbox 360 controllers, I found a minor niggle. When turning corners sharply or running along narrow ledges for example was the main issue at play. What I found was the controller was more sensitive than before. That left me relearning the game in a way as I didn’t need to turn as much. Breaking in wild horses as a result of newer controllers is much easier to master.

Red Dead Redemption

Is Red Dead Redemption Worth A Buy In 2023? Let’s Find Out

Well, we need to discuss everything we get in this release. Naturally, we have the base game and Undead Nightmare. That’s not all, we get all the extra Game of the Year edition content. Sadly the one thing we don’t get with this release is the multi-player. The game looks clearer sharper and more polished. What stayed the same was the actual textures and assets. No changes were made to the actual models for example. The animation is the same and aiming can actually be harder with a more sensitive controller. So what help does that give a prospective buyer? Should you spend your hard-earned cash or keep that wallet shut?

Red Dead Redemption

If you only have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 then this is the best the game will look. On the other side, we have no multiplayer to offer you. If you have an Xbox then the game is backwards compatible and likely to be cheaper than this release. If you can play the game on other hardware for example then it could be wise to wait on a sale. All my footage here was taken directly from the game running on a PlayStation 5. The Switch port will not be offering a 4K resolution. This is only found on PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 Pro. It’s hard to say it’s a must-buy, and this is one of my all-time favorite games. It is also hard to say you really should wait for a sale as not everyone can play this on their systems today. Also, I would have liked support for at least 60fps. If you’re still unsure why not check out a Tech Review by Digital Foundry? I’ll close by saying I still hope they utilize the engine in the sequel and fully remake this classic.

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