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We previously bought you news surrounding the popular Rockstar title Red Dead Redemption. You will no doubt be familiar with the story regarding a rating for the game being found on the Korean Ratings board. One change was seen in this new rating it was small but loud. They had a new description for gore. At the time of writing, this was previously only seen for Doom, Doom Eternal, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Consequently, a rumor of a reveal was also mentioned with at least August being mentioned.

As we rolled into August and we saw some changes on the Rockstar website. These were spotted and posted on Twitter/X by user Tez2. They stated that “Rockstar included RDR1 to the Ratings list of the modern site modules. RDR1 Original site doesn’t use those modules. Suggesting a site update. PS3, Xbox 360 and Switch were newly added as platform buttons (CTA)”. Therefore it was a big indication something was coming but what? As we ended the first week of August Rockstar dropped news out of the blue starting with an announcement on their website and a new trailer. The new trailer can be seen below and yes John Marston is back.

The Return Of John Marston In Red Dead Redemption Details

Well from the trailer we see some big details and changes. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch which backs up what Tez2 was saying. We also see a native PlayStation 4 port but nothing for Xbox and we also see no PC release. Now the Xbox omission is not a surprise. The new upcoming game is looking like a straight port. With that in mind, Xbox users can still play the game via backward compatibility. We will soon be able to play the game on every system, except for PC. We also have a release date for the new release due on the 17th of August. The official post tells us some more about the release. The first point is Rockstar is not handling this port.

Experience the epic Western adventure Red Dead Redemption and its groundbreaking zombie-horror companion, Undead Nightmare, as both games come to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 for the very first time in a single package. In a new conversion by Double Eleven Studios, the Switch and PS4 versions bring the two classic experiences together again for both new players and original fans to enjoy across modern consoles, including backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 5

We also have a price point and some additions to the original release.

In addition to both classic, single-player experiences, newly supported languages include, for the first time, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Latin American Spanish.

Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare will be $49.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop and PlayStation Store, with physical releases arriving October 13. Add Red Dead Redemption to your wish list now on the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store to receive a notification when it becomes available.

The UK price on this based on the eShop at £39.99. Also, the YouTube channel GameRiot felt the game looked sharper in the screenshots posted in their video below.

This could be due to UK studio Double Eleven working on. They are also a studio I am very familiar with and they also confirmed the news as well. Will you be avoiding this or picking the game up next week? As always we love to hear from you.

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