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So Rockstar could be gearing up for a busy period. GTA V or more specifically the online side appears to be relentless. Then we have multiple rumors and supposed leaks for the next game in the series. The recent news doesn’t appear to be about GTA 6 but regarding another popular franchise. More specifically a return to Red Dead Redemption. So could we be stepping back into the world of John Marston again?

A return to Red Dead Redemption has been long rumored. Though after a not-so-successful launch of the GTA Trilogy, it was reported to be dead in the water. This along with the next-gen upgrade for Red Dead Redemption 2. Consequently, we didn’t get any idea of what returning to the original offered. Would we see a remaster or a simple port? After all, unless you own older hardware it’s playable only on Xbox. PC can be emulated but not give an enjoyable experience. Therefore a native PC port would be wanted. Most of the map is available in the sequel and via exploits of it, how about a remake?

The Reports Stating We’ll See A Return To Red Dead Redemption

Well even searching on Google it seems a variety of articles state a remake. Gaming Bible says the game’s official website domain was updated in May. To add further weight to the claim it has received a new rating on Korea with an updated description for gore.

We also have a screenshot from Reddit that says the new game will at least feature body damage. So this also backs a remake claim.

We also have a claim we could see an announcement within a few weeks. This can be found in the Tweet below

It’s a game I absolutely love and found that even in 2023 it holds up incredibly well. So any remake or remaster is definitely a release I’d be keen on owning. However, this is as yet unconfirmed so take it lightly at this stage.

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