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Ravenswatch is a top-down roguelike action game that combines intense real-time combat with deep gameplay and high replay value. Since its reveal, it has been a title that caught our attention. Fortunately for us, we were able to talk with Margaux Saly who is an associate producer and communication manager at Passtech Games to talk about Ravenswatch.

Q. What is the “elevator pitch” for Ravenswatch how would you quickly describe it to someone?

A. Ravenswatch is an action roguelite game, playable solo or with up to four players in Co-op. You play as heroes inspired by Tales and Legends that need to defeat the Nightmares invading the land of Reverie.

Q. Ravenswatch characters pull from classic tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Beowulf, etc. What was the idea process when making a game based on these characters?

A. The characters are the central element of the game. Each hero brings their own fighting style and is unique, both in design and gameplay. Ravenswatch is an action game where the combat phases are very important: intense, dynamic, and challenging… We have tried to emphasize each time the talents of the heroes in the fights, and it is very rewarding to see your character evolve thanks to the upgrades and the different builds you can create during each game.

Q. One thing about utilizing characters from folklore, is there are a lot of stories to pull from. Is there a potential for us to see more characters from different stories added later?

A. Yes! Ravenswatch currently has 6 playable characters: the Red Hood, the Pied Piper, Beowulf, the Snow Queen, Aladdin, and Melusine. We are planning to add more characters throughout the Early Access of the game. Although some are already pretty advanced in development, we are listening to players’ feedback and suggestions! We look at two key elements during the creation of a character:

Is the character known worldwide, not just in his or her own culture? We want each hero to be easily identifiable by players, no matter where they come from, and for this to happen the character must have crossed the boundaries of pop culture. We are also trying to ensure that different types of cultures are represented and different “archetypes” of heroes are playable to provide variety and representation.

•  Does the character have a gimmick in their design, in their story (the morals, the narrative elements that define them), etc. so that we can then adapt them both in the gameplay and our narrative reinterpretation? For example, the obvious gimmick of Aladdin is the fact that he has a lamp that allows him to grant 3 wishes. We have adapted this element into the gameplay of the character, it is what makes him stand out from the rest and be unique. We want each hero to have their own style, so they have to have an element that is extremely defining and can be adapted in Ravenswatch.

Q. What are some of the main challenge differences between playing alone vs teaming up and playing with other players in Ravenswatch? Does the difficulty ramp up?

A. In some ways, yes. The difficulty scales on the number of players in a game. Beware, the enemies won’t hit harder, but they will be more numerous and have more life points. This only makes the game “harder” if teammates don’t stay together and try to defeat groups of enemies on their own (this can be a strategy, after all).

Q. In regards to multiplayer, how much do abilities make a difference? Will characters in Ravenswatch be able to aid each other with buffs or add debuffs to enemies based on their lore?

A. Yes! Some abilities synergy together. For example, you can trigger a chilled zone with the Pied Piper that can be utilized by the Snow Queen to shatter enemies. Depending on which abilities you choose, you can also heal other players or provide Shield to your teammates thanks to some Upgrades (Aladdin can use a wish to instantly revive a friend or use his ‘Healing Blades’ to heal them, for example).

Q. With this being a Roguelike game how will your character’s skill and story progression work in terms of Co-op?

A. At the end of each run, your characters rank up in the meta-progression and this gives them access to new Upgrades for their next runs.

For the progression of the story, each run is an attempt to unravel what has happened in the world of Reverie, but also to discover the motivations of their character. Each hero has their own reasons for wanting to clear Nightmare from their world. We will be adding these lore elements as we go through Early Access.

Q . Ravenswatch is currently in Early Access, once it has a full release will this game be making its way onto consoles? And if so is there a plan to include Crossplay?

A. Yes, Ravenswatch will be released on all consoles for its full release in 2024 (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch). We are interested in Crossplay, but it is a bit early to tell if we will be able to implement that into the game (the console port has not yet started).

Q. Will microtransactions be in Ravenswatch and if so what type can we expect to see?

A. No, we are not planning to use that economic model for Ravenswatch.

Ravenswatch Details

Today the Ravenswatch is made up of 6 famous heroes with diverse, complementary skills that they can use to overcome enemies that get in their way:

  • Scarlet, Little Red Riding Hood, has become the werewolf that she once fought against.
  • Franz, the Pied Piper of Hamelin, whose magic pipe lures hordes of rats.
  • Beowulf, the Goth warrior-king, is accompanied by a dragon whelp.
  • Nyss, the Snow Queen, can freeze her enemies and slide across the battlefield.
  • Aladdin, the thief whose wishes can turn the tide of combat.
  • Melusine, the siren who can control a devastating orb.

4 additional heroes are on their way and will join the ranks of the Ravenswatch in the coming months.
The lush lands of Reverie are no longer as they once were. Corrupted by the Nightmare hordes, they are now home to the most fearsome enemiesBe on your guard, for arduous combat awaits:

  • Set off on a quest alone or with the help of 2 or 3 companions. Choose them with care, for they will be your sole allies.
  • But thanks to Revive Feathers, you no longer fear death, and you can learn from multiple defeats.
  • The Nightmares adapt to your presence. They transform their environment and reorganize their troops each time you make a fresh attempt.
  • During your journey, you will encounter powerful enemies, perilous caverns, inhabitants in distress, and jealously-guarded treasures.
  • Your bond with each of your heroes intensifies with time, giving you access to new skills.
  • Each experience you acquire and each treasure you uncover makes you stronger. Put your discoveries to good use to create new synergies with your teammates.
  • Within each region a particularly ferocious Nightmare reigns supreme. You must defeat it by hook or by crook before you continue your adventure.
  • To defeat the Nightmares, you must vanquish 3 corrupted regions.
  • If ever the terrors no longer freeze your blood, you can set off in search of enemies that are even slyer, tougher, and more powerful.

If you want to support Passtech Games and Ravenswatch, wishlist it now on Steam.

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