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Not long ago we talked about the remake of a puzzle game called QUBE. The remake in question is QUBE 10th Anniversary Edition. This new edition is available on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and both generations of Xbox and PlayStation. That’s PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. We also showed a trailer designed to compare the original and the remake. The directors cut and added a story to the puzzles and both versions are updated for this new release.

So what was changed with the QUBE 10th Anniversary release? The most notable change is visual. It looks and feels like a different game and some early puzzles did receive a makeover. The addition of ray tracing is a welcome addition and the RTX on PC for example is sublime. I ran it with a not-the-most-powerful RTX card and settings all maxed out and visually the game has changed so much. To see how RTX affects the game, look at the comparison here. It also feels more fluid in terms of gameplay mechanics.

QUBE 10th Anniversary A First Look

From all the footage seen it has completely changed the feel and the atmosphere of the game is different. Adding the story and the setting we now have is a more natural fit. From completing the original game to playing through the remake, I noticed one thing. That comparison trailer does not do the remake justice. When you get through the first sector it shines, especially when your hardware allows the game to do so. The original was done on Unreal Engine 3 and the remake on Unreal Engine 4.

The use of Ray Tracing is well implemented in this release. You could be forgiven for thinking why to add it in a very similar textured puzzle game. However, it adds to the mood and feel of the game and adds a touch of realism.

Comparing With The Original

So this is not an easy task to achieve. However, the examples below should give a gameplay comparison.


So even without the extra content, we have a very comprehensive remake which was more thought out and designed than I expected. It takes a good puzzle game and makes it even better.

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