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Game remakes aren’t uncommon. Over the years we’ve seen several. Capcom has given us remakes of the first three Resident Evil games and due soon is the remake of Resident Evil 4. Konami finally announced a return to Silent Hill with a remake of the second game and years prior remade Metal Gear Solid. We are getting a remake of the game Bioshock is a successor too in System Shock. There is also The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, a remake of the Gameboy classic for the Nintendo Switch. We could include the recent Modern Warfare games for example. Though one game popped up late last year I didn’t expect a remake of. Now with its recent PlayStation launch is available everywhere. That game is the puzzle game QUBE.

The game launched back in 2011 and received a director cut a few years later. The footage I have is from the Xbox release of that director’s cut. Toxic Games are the team responsible for this game and the sequel from 2018. It’s a physics-based puzzle game that thanks to the director’s cut adds a basic story and is fairly easy to pick up and play. However, that is a good thing as no tutorial was given, when I played it originally I was just thrown in at the deep end. So now we have a remake in the form of the QUBE10th Anniversary edition which redoes the game from the ground up and adds ray tracing. The comparison trailer can be seen below.

Does QUBE Need A Remake? Let’s Look At The Original

That is an interesting question, we look at that above trailer we see in places big changes and others it’s completely unrecognizable. My gameplay stills and videos as we see are fairly accurate to what this trailer says the original is.

The environment present in the remake towards the end of that trailer looks very dark. We see all the settings look very unwelcoming. It’s very different feel as the original has a more cartoony feel to the presentation. The darker environment with lights as shown with the addition of RTX support changes the games mood.

The frame rate on the original could be smoother though for this game it’s not going to ruin the experience. The puzzles on the remake are supposedly refined and tweaked according to fan feedback. The puzzles even originally the gameplay wasn’t too bad. The remake also has new content which hasn’t as I can see been included in the version I tested. The price for the new edition is around $20/£15 with a discount on PlayStation for PS Plus subscribers of 35%. The links to the PlayStation listings can be found in the following tweet.

If you’re a fan of the genre and have yet to play this, it is worth a look. As to those who’ve completed the original is the remake worth the time? Visually it looks much cleaner and the new content is said to offer four to six hours of extra gameplay. However the game when you look at the story, the new look fit’s more into what the game was about.

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