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A few months ago we took a look at the demo for the survival horror title Pine Harbor. I felt the game at the time showed promise for what was a very early build. Now the developers Vision Forge Team are able to bring the game to the public. However please note the game is in Early Access and the game is currently in an alpha build so it is still growing and developing. This means it’s hard to determine how the fully finished title will hold up, though we can see what this build offers.

For some, this may be the first time you’ve heard of the game. So let’s look at what the Steam listing says to help you understand the premise of the game. We get told Pine Harbor is “a small fishing town on the shores of the North Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by cliffs and dense pine forests, shrouded in thick fog”. Unfortunately, it befell a “technological disaster” which changed the way of life. We will need to “explore the town, help its residents, and delve into the depths of the dark forests”. We have some footage of the game in action set right at the start to keep spoilers to a minimum.

How Pine Harbor Shapes Up Compared To The Demo Build

As always I look at settings and controls and like the demo I set graphics to the max settings. My first issue with the demo was no option to change the control settings. Now the alpha build available to buy thankfully has rectified this. Now another issue in the demo I experienced was “some heavy frame drops when the first room opened up”. In the alpha build, I have not experienced anything like that so the game has clearly been optimized and works much better.

Pine Harbor

When launching the game we see the game allows three difficulty settings. We have casual, survival, and hardcore. Though this build allows only Survival to be picked. Thankfully combat seems to work really well and it’s not possible to tell what differences each difficulty level offers. As we can see the game is very impressive visually and the developers have chosen to use Unreal Engine 5.

The game is currently only available on PC via Steam but it seems it will come to other platforms. On Twitter/X it seems they confirmed a release for PlayStation 5 and it looks like Xbox Series X/S also.

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