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Steam’s Next Fest for October 2023 is now over, but it was a great opportunity to try out demos and listen to developers talk about their upcoming games. We’ve already covered a few of the most exciting-looking games from the fest, such as Stray Souls and the System Shock remake, but there were still a few more that caught our eye. One of those games is Pine Harbor, an upcoming survival horror FPS from Vision Forge Team. You can watch the game’s first teaser trailer below, and you can find the Steam listing here.

Pine Harbor is a horror shooter set in a small fishing town on the shores of the North Atlantic Ocean. The town is surrounded by cliffs and dense pine forests, and shrouded in thick fog. A technological disaster has changed everything, and players must explore the town, help its residents, and delve into the dark forests to survive. The game’s footage shows that Pine Harbor will feature a variety of enemies and weapons. Players will also need to gather resources and craft equipment to survive. In addition to surviving, players will also need to help the other survivors of the disaster.

Pine Harbor Gameplay

I checked the settings and everything was set to low, so I changed them to the highest possible settings. When I loaded the game, I had some heavy frame drops when the first room opened up, but as soon as all the textures had loaded, it was much smoother. The game felt great to play, and even though it’s just a demo, I wish I could have changed the key bindings. From the start of the demo, it’s clear that the game looks good and is full of atmosphere. You can really feel the fear that the character is experiencing. The controls work well, even though they’re not my preferred layout. This is a positive sign for the full game.

Pine Harbor has no release date or window yet, but we know it’s coming to PC. I reached out to the developers on Twitter to ask if they’re planning a console port. I hope we can bring some good news to console fans soon.

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