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Ourea is a story-driven, cinematic puzzle game with a focus on cinematography from Rewrite Games, on Steam and right now. Players will work to uncover the mysteries of the world as the game unfolds through a single, unbroken shot. Additionally, the game takes inspiration from games such as the Journey and Shadow of the Colossus, and Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s movie Birdman. Ourea is a story-driven cinematic puzzle game where the player takes control of the last of the Oreads, Glyf. Players will control him as he discovers the harrowing past of this long-forgotten world.

What’s The Story?

The Oreads are an extinct race who brought upon their own demise by abusing their environment. Importantly, the narrative echoes through to our own world and highlights the importance of the current climate crisis. At the same time, showcasing the difficult decisions facing the population in the coming decades. Moreover, This indie gem utilizes handcrafted cinematic moments throughout the entirety of the game to enhance the environmental storytelling throughout. This is accompanied by hand-painted textures created for each model in the game.

Speaking about the game, Conor Barron, Lead Artist at Rewrite Games said “We’re incredibly excited to finally release Ourea and let people experience this world that we have created.”


In March, Ourea at Games Fleadh, Ireland’s leading Game Design Event, where it was very well received. In short, the team took home “Best Game Built using a Game Engine” and “Best in Social Impact” at the awards against 32 other teams. First and Foremost, If you want more information about the game look here You can also follow the game’s development on social media at and

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