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Well, kids, it’s about that time again! Here we’re going to take a look at November 2020 game releases and give opinions on if we would buy them or not. This is a piece we call “Cop It or Drop It”. Enjoy!   November 2020 is looking like a solid month for gaming. Let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree with our assessment. Did you see anything here you’ll be picking up? Are you excited about a new generation of console gaming? Which console will you buy first, Playstation 5, or the Xbox Series X/S? Thank you for checking out our Cop It or Drop It for November 2020! Stay tuned and follow for more gaming news, lifestyle topics, and geek culture from Lv1 Gaming. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and click HERE for more original content. Share this with your friends as well! #wheregamingbegins

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